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A Minimal Modern Static Site Generator

Powered by Node.js - MIT License

Static Sites

In-built support for Pug and Sass for modern web templating and styling workflow. Build static sites in no time.

Beginner Friendly

No complex setup or build scripts to learn. Simple configuration file and project structure. Become a pro in minutes.

Easy Deploys

Deploy to free hosting offered by GitHub Pages and GitLab Pages with a single command.

Fast Builds

MMPilot can watch for and build incremental changes. Test sites on localhost, browser auto reloads on changes like magic!

Quickstart Guide


Usually you only need to install MMPilot local to your porject, however we recommend installing globally too, as it will help you create new projects.

npm install mmpilot -g

Create New Project

You can use MMPilot to create a new project using the mmpilot new basiccommand followed by your project name. For example:

mmpilot new basic mywebsite

This will create a basic template which doesn't include any additional CSS or JavaScript libraries.

Alternatively, you can use mmpilot new mmcsscommand followed by your project name to create a template with MMCSS included.

You can also use mmpilot new bootstrapcommand followed by your project name to create a template with Bootstrap 4 included.

Build Project

Projects can be built by simply issuing the following command

mmpilot build

To specify a debug environment use the following:

mmpilot build -d

Deploy to gh-pages

Deploy your built sites to gh-pages on GitHub automatically using the following command:

mmpilot deploy

Next Steps