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Learn about MMPilot, get to know people behind this tool and find out guidelines for using MMPilot logo and name..

MMPilot is an open-source static site generator powered by Node.js. You can write HTML templates in Pug and CSS styles using Sass. Support for deploying static sites to GitHub Pages or GitLab Pages is also built-in.

MMPilot's primary goal is to be a fast and easy to learn static site generator. Licensed under MIT license, you are free to use this tool for your personal as well as commercial projects.

This site itself is built using MMPilot and is hosted on GitHub Pages.


MMPilot is maintained by the KunRuch Creations team. Find below key people invloved with this project:

Kanishk Kunal

Monika Ratan


Kindly follow the following brand guidelines and use the given assets when writing about MMPilot or referring to it in your projects.


When referring to MMPilot you can either use MMPilot or mmpilot.

Use the following SVG logo when denoting MMPilot. Kindly don't change the colors as the same logo with different colors could mean a different project (See: MMCSS)


Following colors represent MMPilot and can be used in relation with it.

MMPilot and MMPilot

For any queries kindly contact us.